The fantastic stories

and magic dreamsin the book

based on ethnomagic, a method of Cato Arana.


Cato Arana touched our soul

to bring us into change,

raise awarness,

activate the soul wisdom

and motivate us

to remove dark thoughts

and free our soul.


"The magic book full of valuable wisdom is a precious gift from

the soul for the  soul".

                                                                           (Tamara Pirschalawa)


By reading this book, you support the wild resistance of Mother Earth.



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Conference and Screening of film in Mozart cinema Salzburg Austria 7.3.2019
Conference and Screening of film in Mozart cinema Salzburg Austria 7.3.2019




In their dreams, the magical beings of mother earth

listened the echoes of the cosmos, that said:


" You have been sent to this blue globe by a beam of light from the Pleiades to experience other emotions. You have come here innocent and purified, you are housed in your mother´s bubble and you flow in the heart and mind of his senses...


                                                            The Black Eagle


When the black eagle brings the darkness of torment and shame, inside a light the crystal eagle emerges, and transparency returns.


Legend says that torment and shame followed the men from the city, and no one knew what to do. They sought the master in the red moon, and they asked him for help:

          " Master, how can we free ourselves of the black eagle that keeps us in the shadows? Please, give us a ritual, advise us. It is said that the master looked at them profoundly and responded....


Lost Butterfly



                                                                               "There are always possibilities.

                                                                              Never accept veredicts".


Susan, a young German woman, had traveled to a Latin America country; she was disappointed by the failure of her marriage. When she reached Lima, she adapted, met a young explorer, and fell in love. They lived happily together with their life projects and had the same vision about life...

A Cat in the abyss


You no longer exist, you are a persistent past.

Only the light you produce will sustain your present and illuminate yor future, life will sustain you in accordance with the energy you capture each day...


 On astrange night, the turbulent winds whistled their distress in the dreams of the dreamer:

           A master, traveling through his dream, sensed the cries of a lost young man, and his soul flew to that dream. He came to him in a whirlpool and found a dying young man trembling at the bottom of a pit....