In the temple of the Jaguar I renewed a promise,

- a promise towards Mother Earth, towards the Mother of Water,

towards the Brothers and Sisters of Winds and towards Father Sun!

The secret of the forest was observing me silently!


 Always grateful!


The Dolphin and the Muraya

Magical beings live in the lakes and lagoons of Peru's rainforests, among them the wonderful, and colorful dolphins, grey, rosy and reddish. They are the messengers, the ambassadors, of the Spirit of Water who live in harmony with their families, - despite the destruction of their environment. Some are very playful, others very thoughtful, and others again very wise...

The Blue Being of the cave

The teacher went to the cave of Apus, prepared his ceremony in the presence of the bonfire, spoke to the Spirits of Fire and heated his Ayahuasca in the holy embers.

He lit his pipe, inhaled the smoke of Mapachos, sang his Ikaros of Soul, thanked his anchestors and the Spirits of the cave. He thanked God..