Cato Arana  

Native from Peru - South America.

He is a Master and researcher in the following disciplines: Ethnomagic, Ethnomedicine, Ethnopsychoanalysis, Ethnoarte, Ethnophilosophy, Theology. Since 1970 he has undertaken labor with ethnic groups, as well as with the ancient and modern cultures of Peru and de world.


He was born in Peru, on the magic coast. That was his father’s land, where they venerate the moon. His mother was born in the Andes, where they worship the sun. His grandparents were from the jungle, where they love the nature.


Following in the footsteps of his lineage, a magical Peru of teachers and shamans, he explored its mysteries. To understand these other realities, he has had experiences throughout his life with indigenous teachers in deserts, ancient temples, mountains, caves, mysterious jungles, and other places.


The many sacred seeds that were planted in his heart (with the spirit of the jaguar-panther Catu Murawi, and of Birin Ni Hui, the golden flying anaconda, the name he was given by some tribes), are flourishing. He also met various priests, priestesses, shamans, and mages in other countries which he has visited and lived in.


Cato Arana studied various academic and spiritual disciplines, but he was born to investigate everything related to the ancestral science of the soul.

His research on ancestral cultures and peoples isn’t based on anthropological studies; it comes from his own spiritual experience.
He lived with the ancient teachers from the coast, the Andes, the rain forest, and other places.

Since his youth he has been actively involved in the conservation and rescue of biodiversity and indigenous wisdom.

His mission is to spread the messages of the soul to awaken consciousnesses.